Fee Policy - General Medical GP Services*
Effective: New patients - 2 Nov 2020 & Existing patients - 2 Jan 2021

The Federal Government has not increased Medicare fee rebates to a level to continue to provide quality medical services. In fact, Medicare rebates were frozen from 2013 to 2019. 

The clinic has borne the financial burden of these frozen rebates but can no longer continue do so.

As a result, we have had to make the difficult decision to cease practice-wide bulk billing.  The following details the new Fee Policy effective as stated above.

We will continue to bulk bill:

  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Patients holding a Commonwealth Concession Card (See below for qualifying cards)
  • DVA patients (All Gold card holders and White card holders for approved conditions)
  • GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements
  • Health Assessments for those meeting the Medicare criteria

Patients who do not meet the above criteria, the following fees will apply:

Consultation type Total Fee Medicare Rebate Your “Out of pocket” cost after rebate
Standard Consultation, Item 23 (up to 20 mins) $68.75 $38.75 $30
Long Consultation, Item 36 (20 – 39 mins) $105.05 $75.05 $30
Prolonged consultation, Item 44 (40+ mins) $140.50 $110.5 $30
Mental Health Consultation, Item 2713 (20 mins) $103.95 $73.95 $30
GP Mental Health Plan, Item 2715 (20 mins) $123.30 $93.30 $30
GP Mental Health Plan, Item 2717 (40 mins) $168.30 $138.30 $30
GP Mental Health Plan Review, Item 2712 (20 mins) 103.95 $73.95 $30
GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements Bulk-billed. Ask your GP if you are eligible.
Health Assessments
Procedures Fees estimates will be provided and are dependent on the procedure
In most cases we can process your Medicare rebate at the time of your appointment.

Qualifying Commonwealth Concession Cards

*Please note, specialised services offered by some doctors may incur different fees to those detailed above. Please contact reception or our website for further information.

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